Shogun Orchestra is one of the most unique groups to come out of the capital in recent times. Drawing from the music of only the most exotic far-flung lands, including Caribbean Calypso, West African Highlife and Ethio-Jazz, their flavour remains distinctly and endearingly a Wellington sound.

With music written by Lucien Johnson, who traveled to places such as Haiti, East Africa, and the Orient gathering inspiration for the band, the music features many of Wellington’s favourite musical sons such as Toby Laing and Joe Lindsay (FFD) Tim Jaray (Black Seeds) Justin “Firefly” Clarke, as well as showcasing the amazing talents of Jennifer Zea, a Venezuelan singer who has been residing in New Zealand for the last four years. In the words of Nick Bollinger reviewer at National Radio, the Shogun Orchestra is “beautiful, celebratory, uplifting, with grooves that seem to wrap themselves around the world”.
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